I have big plans for this girl.  This is a blog about our Agility plans in general, things I will do differently this time, and things I will keep the same.


Idgie will have a  2on2off dogwalk, which Kelso used to have (I totally let it slip through the cracks).  Her 2on2off will be trained with a nose touch as well, which Kelso’s wasn’t.  Her teeter is an experiment, I have learned a great deal about training this obstacle through Kelso’s retrain and several of my students’ successes.  She will do TONS of foundation work on wobbley surfaces, and will run from table to table across the teeter, gradually increasing height.  I have a theory that if you train the teeter correctly you don’t need a specified end behavior such as a 2on2off.  We will see.  Her A Frame is what I am the most excited about.  I really don’t think it’s fair or ethical to require most dogs to hit and hold a 2on2off on this obstacle for physical reasons.  She will have a running A Frame if it kills me, but I don’t think it will.  I plan on using Rachel Sanders’ box method, which I will be adding to my classes this Spring.


Kelso was trained with the channel method without guides.  It took forever and a day to train.  He is now reliable at weaving, and he is almost 8.  Ridiculous.  Idgie will be trained with Susan Garrett’s 2×2 method, and I am VERY excited to get going on this.  I am also using this method for my students now.

These are the major changes.  Kelso’s jump work has always been good, and I will strive to make Idgie’s even better, of course.  She will also be shaped for the majority of her training, whereas Kelso was mostly lured.  

Agility greatness, here we come!