Idgie is my first dog that I have trained from the start with my new ethics and improved philosophy on dog training.  She is not experiencing physical corrections, and I use a verbal NRM but not actual corrections with voice.  She is being shaped for almost everything, and she is brilliantly proving these methods to be superior to the half-positive, half-compulsive training I used to partake in.  One huge new improvement to my dog training is Susan Garrett’s Crate Games.  Crate Games, to put it simply, ROCK.  Idgie drives to her crate whenever I pick up something reinforcing and the crate is present.  I have to keep the crate locked or in another room when I train, it’s FABULOUS.  I haven’t trained her a formal “wait” but she is showing amazing impulse-control since starting Crate Games.  She will wait in a down or sit position as I walk away, even though I didn’t really teach her this.  She will wait in her crate with the door open while I prepare her food, instead of whining and pacing in anticipation of the meal.  Did I mention my 3.5 month old puppy waits WITH THE CRATE DOOR OPEN?  She is brilliant, and so is Susan Garrett.  Crate Games will forever be the foundation for my dogs from here on out.  I can’t even list here the benefits of these training exercises.  Impulse control, willingness to be shaped, value for the crate and collar grabs, unbelievable drive that is totally controlled, and more.  I LOVE CRATE GAMES!