Idgie, that is.  She and I hopped in on Ashley’s Smart Dog 1 class last night (since we stupidly did not sign up for it) and played around with a few things we’ve been working on.  She did some stellar stays while I walked in a circle around her, and also started gripping the DB in our second DB free shaping session.  Then Ashley wanted to demo free-shaping a dog to go to a mat and lie down, for which Idgie volunteered.  She has only casually been clicked and treated for plopping on a rug in my kitchen, so I was beaming as she shaped all the way up to racing about 10 feet to the mat and lying down in about one minute.  Brilliant.  Then after Ashley’s class I had a week one intro lecture that I always use one of my dogs to help me with since we ask that people leave their dogs at home for the first week.    She hung out in her crate with the door open (thank you crate games!) while I lectured about positive training, equipment, and impulse control.  She was, of course, thrilled to be given a release cue and  invited to show off all of her skills at random intervals.  I just love my little freak of nature, who still likes tugging even though her teeth are popping out all over the place!