This weekend was Idgie’s (and my) first shot at the breed ring.  We got reserve Saturday and nothing Sunday, but I am so proud of my baby dog!  We did not go to win–she is 6 months old, hairless, and dorky–we went to provide her with the experience of playing show dog out at a real show.  I headed over to our ring about 20 minutes before we were to show in order to do some shaping and get her comfortable.  She was a little worried at first (so many dogs of so many shapes and sizes!) but came out of it right away.  She did tell one cheeky intact male to stick it, by very appropriately gripping his lip firmly but gently to inform him that she was not interested.  This move actually showed confidence and excellent social skills, so I calmly removed her from the vicinity of this pushy boy and started shaping elsewhere.  She showed very well, especially for being on grass and at her first show.  Saturday’s judge was not impressed by my very correct but very “ranchy” puppy and didn’t even look at her teeth.  She took reserve since there were only two bitches entered.  Sunday’s judge was Ms. McPherson and she is an excellent judge to show a puppy to.  She sweet talked Squidge (who was nervous about the exam) and did a very light exam on her.  Idgie moved like a dream around Sunday’s ring, and free stacked pretty well on the down and back.  Good baby whirlie!  She and I both walked away with a good experience, which was my goal for the weekend.  I think with a little bit more training and some practice she will become a fine little show dog.  Our next show is the Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club show at the end of June.  One of the judges has been known to put up correct dogs in this breed, so I am excited to show under him.  But we have some things to work on before then!

I am planning on shaping her to hold her stand-stay regardless of distractions.  Distractions I plan to shape in are:

  • Dogs running by
  • People touching her (this is the big one, and should seem like nothing compared to the rest once I’m done)
  • Toys swinging
  • Me running by
  • Me holding onto her
  • Several people touching her at once
  • Treats being scattered over the floor
  • Things dropping behind her

Here we go!