I recently had a comment posted to my blog that read (the typos are not mine);

Hi, I just want to tell you a few things that are very wrong about your blog. You said, that this blog was for you to write about Confetti Schnauzers, but really you said nothing about them.

Aparently you know nothing about them. They are a cross, but they are of reg. stock to start with. One being AKC. After tyhe first cross you only go on with AKC dogs. So after 5 generations they will be 100% AKC blooded. Now you will maybe still call this a mutt, but acording to the all mighty AKC a dog bred of 5 generations is deemed a PURE BREED…………………….

So maybe you should do some research before you blog. And Confetti Schnauzers are a registered bred with the DDKC.

I approved this comment for posting, since I feel it is only fair to post ALL comments, not just the positive ones. Then I started to reply to this poster, and realized I needed another blog entirely to clear some things up about what I said in my blog entitled ” ‘Designer’ Dogs.” 

First, I was not intending to write exclusively about Confetti Schnauzers, though this designer mixed breed did spark the need I felt to write about designer dogs in general, since one signed up for my class a few months ago, and that is the first time I heard about this “new breed.”  That’s the only reason I brought these dogs up at all. 

The poster stated; They are a cross, but they are of reg. stock to start with. One being AKC. After tyhe first cross you only go on with AKC dogs and I reply; yes, most designer mixed breeds are originally a cross between two purebred dogs, I stated that in my previous blog.  I believe this person is bringing up the American Kennel Club because I mentioned that the original cross can not be between dogs of “good” stock, since good breeders would NEVER sell their dogs to someone intending to crossbreed them. You will notice I made no mention of any kennel club or purebreed registry in my blog, that is because registering your dogs with a kennel club alone  (in this country the two main registries are the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club) does not make you a reputable breeder. In fact, a lot of unethical breeding goes on that is then reinforced by the issuing of AKC “papers” allowing for these breeders to receive more payment for their puppies.  The only thing you must do in order to register a litter is prove both parents are indeed AKC registered, meaning their parents were registered before them and so on.  There are any number of ways to fib on paperwork, and believe me, fibbing most certainly takes place not only in the world of unethical commercial or backyard breeding, but in the high profile dog show world, and the performance dog world as well.  This poster seems to me to be implying that if litters are registered with some sort of registry (bringing up the DDKC, Designer Dog Kennel Club, an organization in its infancy that is providing pedigrees to designer mixed breed litters) then the dogs are automatically a pure breed and they have been produced by sound breeding practices, and it is ethical to buy one.  I hope I have made it clear here and in my previous blog that I do not believe any kennel club to be “almighty” and that researching where your puppy is coming from goes far beyond being sure that your puppy will be registered.  I personally wish the AKC would keep better track of their registered dogs, and keep closer tabs on people breeding these dogs, but that day seems far down the road.

As far as the AKC’s five-generation pedigrees are concerned, understand that both parents of the puppies with 5 generation pedigrees also have five generation pedigrees attached to them and so on all the way back to when the breed was first introduced and the stud books were “open” allowing dogs without such a pedigree to be registered.  So to answer the poster’s claim that confetti schnauzers are indeed purebred schnauzers, I beg to differ, and would we be calling them “confetti” schnauzers if they were just plain miniature schnauzers? I think not.

So, in conclusion, I do not care who deems a breed a “pure” breed, or what kennel club these dogs are registered with.  I care that unethical breeding practices be brought to a screeching halt, and in my opinion that includes the production of new “breeds.”  If you want a mixed breed dog, go to your local shelter and pick one off of death row.  If you want a purebred puppy, do your research and go with only reputable breeders.  You will find that limiting your buying options in this way limits your contribution to the pet overpopulation problem, and you will also find that as your understanding of what a reputable breeder is increases, there will be less and less room on your list for producers of designer mixed breed dogs.