Haven’t posted in a while, been super busy trying to be a professional dog trainer. Anyway, a few updates are in order, if you care about that sort of thing.

The first is that after going back and forth about it for years I finally switched my dogs over to a raw diet.  It has been about two months now and up until the past week I was thrilled with it.  Idgie’s coat looks incredible, they both love their food, and I just feel good about their new diet because I know exactly what’s going into their mouths, where it came from, and how balanced it is.  But I am learning still, since Kelso had a bout of bloody diarrhea (scared me, for all of his lifelong stress colitis he has never once passed straight blood) yesterday, and last night Idgie gobbled a chicken back and promptly threw it up.  Kelso is on some meds for the multitudes of spirochetes and Clostridium (which is his usual stress explosion, and he has had increased stress this week so I expected it) and the potential giardia and the potential campylobacter.  The potential part is frustrating.  We have had another rush of the big G go through work, so that part doesn’t surprise me (though the doctor couldn’t really tell if it was in fact a giardia cyst or if it was an epithelial cell, go figure), but campylobacter? Ok that freaks me out.  I kind of need to know if he has that or not.  I kind of need to know if his stress colitis makes him overly susceptible to things like campylobacter (which is commonly contracted from ingesting raw meat…hmmm) and if I should therefore be cooking this dog’s meat.  For now, I will treat him and see.  I am also switching probiotics soon to see if the new kind helps his gut out more than his current kind.  And might be giving him some digestive enzymes to help him digest bone, since he has been passing some chunks.  The thing about Kelso is he gets stress diarrhea. He just does.  And he has actually had a lot less of it since switching to raw.  Since the switch he had two diarrhea-free visits to my parents’ house, which is basically a miracle.  I am a firm believer in hearing what your dog is telling you, in all aspects of life, so I will change if necessary, though I can’t see myself ever going back to kibble. 

In more fun, less messy news, I have decided to train Idgie a running dogwalk. I decided a few weeks ago to ditch the 2on2off (mostly because I just hate it) and figure out some running contacts for this kid.  I started using Siliva Trkman’s method, and I am really excited about it.  Even more exciting is that my friend Sasha Foster of Canine Fitness Zone has added her imput with regard to motor learning theory, and we are trying something brand-spanking new to the dog world.  Hold on to your pants, this could be huge.  As of last night Squidge is doing the down plank at about three feet high, running all the way through at about 85% accuracy.  Pretty sweet.

In other news I revamped our training classes at Come-Play-Stay! and as soon as we get them underway and Ashley and I work out all the kinks, I will be writing an article for the APDT’s Chronicle all about it.  As far as I know there isn’t much like it out there, so once again, get excited, this could be big!