This is one of those self-serving baby dog update types of blogs, so if you want to get into the knitty-gritty of behavioral science, check out some of my other posts.

Idgie has done some awesome things lately, and I have to write about it because I am absolutely coocoonutso in love with the dog. 

First, UKI trial.  United Kingdom Agility International is a new venue here in Colorado, and it’s great.  I decided to enter the Squidge in their Speedstakes class (jumps and pipe tunnels only) because they allow a “training round” where competitors can run their dogs and use a toy for reinforcement of great stuff, and just have that run not count toward titles.  The trial was held at our local fairgrounds and happened to be when county fair was happening.  Yikes.  Had I known that in advance I may not have entered, both for the fact that this makes the environment highly distracting for the dog (Squidge) and highly distressing for the vegan (me).   But ignorance is bliss, because Idgie proved a rockstar on all counts.  The ring was bordered by the carnival, vendors, and a livestock barn full of screaming hogs and sheep sheep sheep!  It was super super hot.  We waited FOREVER (7 hours or so) to run.  Still, my baby dog came out of her crate, knew her job, didn’t think about doing anything but playing with the mama, and we had a blast.  I am so so very proud of her.

Second, recalls recalls recalls.  Idgie and I are enrolled in Susan Garrett’s e-course for recall training right now and are having an absolute blast with all the fun recall games SG is churning out.  If you want to check this out, just go to her blog page.  Since we’ve been playing so many recall games, Idgie has impressed me with some great recalls. Yesterday I dropped her leash on a hike (national forest, must be on leash at all times!) and she went trotting down the trail.  I simply stopped, said her name once, and she turned on a dime and came racing back (at which time an epic game of tug commenced as a reward).  She had the whole mountain ahead of her with a river and squirrels and smells oh my and she still came flying back to the mama without a moment’s hesitation, now that says this stuff is working.   She was also extra-aware of my body positioning on our run last night (she was wearing a flexi, running out ahead of me).  She checked in frequently, slowed down when I slowed down, and turned when I turned, without needing any leash-cues.  If you’re an agility-nerd like me, you’re seeing how awesome this is.

Third, fun match/contacts/awesomeness.  We went to a fun match this past weekend at a place the beast has never been to (except once as a puppy when I was running Kelso there).  We didn’t do whole courses, she isn’t ready for 12 weave poles (though she just started doing 6! Hooray!) and I’m not ready to test her running dogwalk full heigh in new places yet.  But, she ran her A-frame with two hits on the down side and total confidence, and she nailed her teeter.  She also did her auto-down on the table (which was a very slick table, and she slid off once).  She also held her startline like a pro, jumped super well, read my handling cues like a champ, and LOVED every second of it.  She is almost ready to run in a real trial, yippeee!! Also, some R+ for the handler, I rewarded her awesomeness with games of tug on the course.     

Oh, and just so he doesn’t feel left out, Kelso is perfect in every way and continues to be perfect in every way, and is the most handsome and sweet and brilliant of all dogs, everywhere.